App issue

Indian Startup Apps Restored on Google Play Store After Delisting Controversy on App issue

In a surprising turn of events, eight out of the top 10 Indian startup apps, including popular platforms like,,, and, have been reinstated on the Google Play Store. This comes after Google’s abrupt removal of these apps, sparking disappointment among their founders who were blindsided by the action.
App issue

The delisting, which occurred last Friday, prompted outrage as Google took action without any prior notice, leaving startup owners scrambling for answers. However, Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, and IT, swiftly intervened in the matter. Today, a crucial meeting is scheduled between the affected startups and Google to address and resolve the issue.

Vaishnaw reiterated the Indian government’s steadfast support for the startup ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of fostering innovation and growth in this sector. Under Google’s new guidelines, the relisted apps will not incur charges for their reinstatement on the Play Store. However, there’s a condition: transactions must not take place through Google’s billing system. Instead, apps are encouraged to utilize third-party payment channels via their websites. This exemption from Google’s commissions (ranging from 15 to 30 per cent) provides a lifeline for startups navigating the digital marketplace.
While this development signals a temporary reprieve for the affected apps, the long-term implications of Google’s policy shift remain uncertain. Will startups opt for alternative payment methods to avoid hefty commissions, or will they continue to rely on Google’s infrastructure despite the associated costs? Only time will tell as the startup community navigates this ever-evolving landscape of digital commerce.

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