Bharat Tex 2024

New Delhi, February 26, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated BharatTex2024, a monumental global textile mega event aimed at propelling India into the forefront of the textile industry. The event, set to take place at Bharat Mandapam & Yashobhoomi from February 26th to 29th, 2024, promises to be a pivotal moment in India’s journey towards becoming the Global Textile Hub.

Bharat Tex 2024

With the textile sector being a cornerstone of India’s economy, BharatTex2024 presents an unparalleled platform to showcase the nation’s rich textile heritage, innovation, and manufacturing prowess to the world. The event is expected to attract a diverse array of stakeholders including industry leaders, policymakers, investors, designers, and technologists from across the globe.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, PM Modi underscored the significance of the event, emphasizing its role in driving economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development. He reiterated the government’s commitment to transforming India into a global manufacturing hub, with a special focus on the textile sector.

BharatTex2024 will feature a comprehensive lineup of exhibitions, seminars, panel discussions, and networking sessions, covering various facets of the textile industry. From traditional handlooms to cutting-edge technologies, the event will offer insights into the entire textile value chain, fostering collaborations and exchange of ideas among stakeholders.Moreover, the mega event is poised to unlock tremendous opportunities for Indian textile businesses, enabling them to forge partnerships, explore new markets, and adopt best practices in manufacturing and sustainability. It is also expected to attract significant investments, bolstering the growth trajectory of the sector.Key highlights of BharatTex2024 include showcases of indigenous textiles, demonstrations of innovative machinery and techniques, interactive sessions on skill development and capacity building, and discussions on policy initiatives to enhance competitiveness and exports.As India embarks on its journey to emerge as the Global Textile Hub, BharatTex2024 serves as a landmark event that encapsulates the nation’s ambition, resilience, and potential in the textile sector. With PM Modi’s vision and leadership, coupled with the collective efforts of industry stakeholders, BharatTex2024 is poised to chart a new course for India’s textile industry on the global stage.

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